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Provided below are some insights into research that we have performed on individual companies or the market.  This information is not investment advice and is only provided for you to understand our philosophy and motive behind the decisions we have made in our dividend strategy.  These insights are for advisors only and are the opinions of Berkshire portfolio managers which are subject to change.

Marketing Material
Dividend Strategy Guide 12.31.2020
Dividend Strategy Scorecard 12.31.2020
Dividend Strategy Fact Sheet 12.31.2020
Dividend Strategy Commentary 12.31.2020

Dividend Strategy Supplemental Guide 12.31.2020

Morningstar Income Distribution Illustrations
Dividend Strategy 6% Annual Withdrawal – 12.31.2020 Morningstar
Dividend Strategy 5% Annual Withdrawal – 12.31.2020 Morningstar
Dividend Strategy 4% Annual Withdrawal – 12.31.2020 Morningstar
Dividend Strategy 3% Annual Withdrawal – 12.31.2020 Morningstar

Berkshire Morningstar Report 12.31.2020

Investment Process
Berkshire “Forward Looking” Process Snapshot
Berkshire Dividend Strategy – Portfolio Construction Narrative


Specialized Support
Berkshire Book of Dividend Income – Introduction
Berkshires Book of Dividend Income – Advisor Playbook
Berkshires Book of Dividend Income – Client Presentation

Berkshire Tax Alpha Transition Program

Berkshire – 8 Common Threads Presentation
Berkshire Dividend Strategy Basics

Past Commentary
2020 3rd Quarter Dividend Commentary
2020 2nd Quarter Dividend Commentary
2020 1st Quarter Dividend Commentary
2019 4th Quarter Dividend Commentary
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2015 4th Quarter Dividend Commentary
2015 3rd Quarter Dividend Commentary

Past Research Insights
Ten Year Anniversary of Financial Crisis Series: Part 2 Managing Market Mayhem
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Investing for Cash Flow
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Berkshire – “Forward Looking” Approach
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Dividend Strategies in Challenging Environments
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Does Dividend Screening Work?
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

“The Market is Rigged”
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Why Interest Rates Really Matter To Equity Investors
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Equity Selection Process
By: Gerry Mihalick, CFA

Additional Berkshire Material
Wells – Dual Contract 40bps

Dividend Growth Analogies

Berkshire Income Charts with Max Annual S&P 500 Draw-down

GIPS Compliant Presentation through 2018


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