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Berkshire Dividend Strategy Fact Sheet 12.31.2020
Berkshire Dividend Strategy Scorecard 12.31.2020
Berkshire 2020 4th Quarter Commentary
Berkshire Dividend Strategy Guide 12.31.2020

Dividend strategies continue to grow in popularity due to many factors in the macro environment: sluggish economic growth, volatility, heightened risk aversion and low interest rates on fixed income securities. Dividend oriented stocks may offer a higher current yield than many fixed income securities. Our strategy not only focuses on companies with high paying dividends, but companies with potential to grow these dividends over time. Dividend strategies may prove to be less volatile during bear markets yet still may provide attractive inflation protection and real total returns in bull markets. Our Dividend Growth Strategy can work in client portfolios in several different ways depending on the allocation of assets.

If you would discuss specific allocation combinations or how this strategy may fit your client’s portfolio, please contact our team.

What’s different?  A “forward looking” selection process, direct access to Portfolio Managers, possibility for high levels of customization and low manager fees.

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